On-Site Cleaning Services

Our on-site cleaning services are provided by professionals with care and expertise.  Sacramento Rug Works provides residential and commercial on-site carpet cleaning services.  We will treat your home as our own and ensure you receive a quality experience from start to finish.  Regular carpet cleaning will provide your family a safe and clean environment while protecting your carpeting.  We can clean your high traffic areas, deodorize your carpets and remove most stains.  Our process  includes wall-to-wall cleaning and/or high-traffic areas:


  • In-Home Service
  • Pre-treatment
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Deodorizing


We only charge for the area we’re cleaning.  This allows customers to choose designated areas rather than entire rooms where needed.  All in-home cleaning includes pre-treatment for spots, soiled areas and deodorizing if needed.  Scotchgarding is also available for an additional cost.