Area Rug Pads

A quality carpet pad will provide comfort increase the life of your carpet or rug.  There are three basic types of pads for any hard surface application.  All of our pads can be custom fitted in your home as needed.

Synthetic Pad

This 3/8″ pad provides padding for your area rug on top of any hard surface.

Ultimat Pad

This 1/4″ pad comes with a 100% rubber bottom to prevent any rug from sliding on a hard surface.  It is designed for wood, tile, laminate and concrete.  This pad will not stick to your floor or cause damage to wood floors.


This 3/32″ thick pad is 100% rubber and designed to keep rugs from sliding.  It is low profile and ideal for a runner or entry area rugs that may have door clearance issues.


Contact us today and we will help you select the appropriate pad for your application.

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